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Greg Marston is an International Voice-Over Artist.

Greg has worked in virtually every sector of the radio broadcasting industry - as a professional presenter, journalist, copywriter, proof-reader, producer, sound-engineer, programme writer, on-air competition coordinator/host, anchor, news-reader, interviewer, studio manager, programme manager, station manager, music director and branding/imaging specialist voice-over - in a career which spans more than 35 years.

Having worked primarily as an independent professional voice-over artist for more than 25 years via his own studio, state-of-the-art PortaStudio when travelling the globe from time to time, and with access to professional recording facilities in every country thanks to a truly planet-wide clientele, Greg has a world of experience and expertise to provide the voice for your next production, no matter how big or small.

Versatility and Reliability

Greg’s voice has been described by producers, engineers, writers and clients variously as being neutral-accented, deep, big, rich, movie-trailer, clear, warm, smooth, sexy, evocative, precise, bright, empathetic, cool, quirky and more. He can voice from hard-sell through to the softest, most delicate of narratives. And he’s reliable, often turning audio around within a few hours, and always setting an auto-response email message if ever he’s away from the studio for longer than a day. This hardly ever happens. As a full time professional voice-over, Greg’s usually around 25/7!