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Observations, musings and rubbish from the mind of an IVO (International Voice Over)

August 12, 2019 8:19 am

What day is it?



Sometimes, I really do, do, that old cliche’d thing and lose track of what day – or month, year or even decade – it is.

Is this old age creeping up on me?

My legendary 3 nano-second attention span?

A result of listening to far too much rock over the past 50 something years?

Nope – I think I have what I call “what’s next-i-tis”.

Allow me to explain…

Whatsnexitis is a thing some people have when they’re trying to enjoy the moment – whichever moment they’re in – be it the company of family or friends, taking a long, pleasant walk or drive through beautiful countryside, relishing an intelligent conversation, sharing a joke or memory, sitting watching the world and the over 7.7 billion people go by (I’ll rave on about the “Current World Population Clock” in another Blog), and, at the same time, finding that they can’t help or stop themselves thinking about something else they have ‘coming up’, be that within minutes or hours, the next day, week, month or whenever.

For me, it’s like one of 2 parts of my brain wants to really savour whatever’s happening to and around me, including whoever I’m with, whilst the other part is going “now tomorrow, you’re going to have this to do, oh, and don’t forget there’s that thing with the thing and then next week…”.

Am I alone in this?

Or, possibly worse, in the minority (amongst the 7.7 billion of us and, BTW, the UK is just outside the “Top 20” most populated countries – number 21 – with j-u-s-t about 67 million as of the time of Blogging).

I digress (it’s what I do – a lot!).

Anyway, the thing is that there doesn’t seem to be a cure (for me at least) for this burgeoning ailment, even though I’ve tried many different ways of working around it from saying a kind of “focus focus focus” mantra (mostly to myself, although sometimes on buses people look at me kinda funny) to actually snapping my fingers to get me ‘back in the room’.

All to no avail.

If you have any answers or (polite) suggestions as to how to ‘live in the now’ slash for today, in the present and, ideally, for and in the moment, please write me!

It’s more than likely a result of my occupation as a voice-over – never knowing what (if anything) is going to drop into the inbox regarding an enquiry as to my availability or a quote at any given moment, and having to occupy myself between jobs whilst being here to voice a script at the drop of a hat (I have a hat, 4, in fact) for clients who suddenly realise something needed to be on air or online sometime “yesterday”.

So, dear reader, if I seem distracted in any of these Blogs, now you know wh…

…oh darnit, I need to go and get some milk…