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Observations, musings and rubbish from the mind of an IVO (International Voice Over)

April 28, 2020 6:30 am

The April that never was…

In April 2020, all across the land

A simple thing like contact

Between human folk

Was banned!


The reason was a virus

That blew in from the East,

Infecting folk with fever,

Upon their lungs to feast…


It kept us in our houses,

Never to be seen,

Except to buy provisions

How we cursed Covid-19!


Allowed, one hour of freedom

To exercise each day,

And so we’d stay in lockdown

Until it went away…


Frustrated, bored, furious,

At first when isolated,

Precaution seemed ridiculous

And somewhat overrated…


But then there came a concept

Brought forth by songful cheer

To fill the void with music,

And reach those far and near.


Right across the planet

Wild animals asserted

Their right to roam in freedom

Where cities lay, deserted.


And of a Thursday evening,

We’d stand up strong to cheer

Those working to obliterate

This pandemia of fear


But while good folk in earnest

Obeyed the simple rules,

There were, of course, some idiots

Who chose to act as fools.


They plundered and protested

And cared not for their action,

Putting others’ lives at risk

With selfish satisfaction.


But mostly it was thoughtfulness

From humankind that hailed

The dawning of a time in which

Enlightenment prevailed.


And so, one day we’ll look upon

These testing times of strife,

And understand the meaning of

What matters most in Life.


Poem by Greg Marston and Helen S Michaelsen

21st April 2020 – Week 5, Lockdown UK

Coronavirus poem April 2020