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Observations, musings and rubbish from the mind of an IVO (International Voice Over)

January 20, 2020 8:20 pm

New Year, Old Favourite Things…

So here we go into not only a new year but a new decade.

Decade #3 of the 21st Century to be precise.

I’ve been blogging for more than half of the last year of the last decade because that’s what my SEO person said I must do to maximise my Search Engine Optimisation capabilities.

I have no idea what that means!

But I think it’s something to do with the way Mr. Google works, my interpretation of which is that writing blogs partly perpetuates all things to do with “me”, Greg Marston, International Voice-Over, across the interweb, thereby making me and what I do more easily accessible to the web-bots and for people (mostly potential clients) to potentially “find me” and take advantage of the vocal services I offer, directly.

Asks Sir SEO if that’s about right – Sir SEO rolls his eyes, mumbles and says “just write stuff Greg – it’s good for you and your website”…

So I have no idea whatsoever, who (if anyone) has ever read any of the seventeen blogs posted since March 2019 and certainly, I’ve never had anyone comment or email me about their content.

Of course I sure hope someone, somewhere, has read one or two of my writings, maybe managed to get a handle on and laugh out of my sense of humour (or, as my dear Dad might’ve put it, sense of the ridiculous), and perhaps even agreed with a few things scrawled therein.

I thought, therefore, that if there is anyone “out there” reading this particular blog, you might like to know some of my “favourite” and possibly not-so-favourite things:

The Beatles – and popular music in general, including, but not exclusively, jazz, rock (light, heavy and some forms of metal), pop, indie, punk, new wave, a bit of grunge, and various other forms of what I call accessible music – to say I love music would be the understatement of my existence.

Music is my passion and what drives me, though ironically, I rarely listen to any music except when on a reasonably long journey in the car or when watching something with a good soundtrack.

Which brings me to nicely to the next two “favourite things” – movies and driving.

I virtually never watch “TV”, instead opting to hop around YouTube, taking in all manner of short clips of interest, which could be anything from those “silly/cute kitten” type clips to short-form documentaries, latest gadgets/developments, hi-fi, succinct bios, new information on various old subjects etc.

And I don’t go to the movies as there are far too many people apparently happy to pay to see a film only to spend some two or so hours texting/emailing on their ‘phones, talking to whoever they’re with, eating VERY LOUDLY, coughing, sneezing, getting up to go to the bathroom or foyer, ad infinitum.

So I’m content to sit in front of my stupidly large LG screen and take in Apple, Netflix or Amazon programmes of which there are surely enough to last a lifetime.

And then there’s driving, touring, cruising, call it what you will.

Every chance which comes along to get out and hit the highway, be it as far north as Scotland, down to deepest Devon and Cornwall or even coasting to the east coast (I live in the west), I’m outta here – though, on average, I usually find myself behind the wheel about every ten days or so.

So, having started 2020 with positives, here are a few things I dislike:

Groups of pedestrians walking five abreast on narrow pavements and expecting you to go ‘round them (and similar scenarios); badly parked cars; sudden LOUD noises right next to you; cyclists barrelling past at speed (whilst you’re walking on the pavement) within a few millimetres and not giving any warning of their approach; the colour “incarnadine”; flies; capers; bullying; cruelty; time-wasting; starfruit.

UK Based International Voice over artist

Sure, some of the items on that list are more realistic (and important) than others, but it gives you, dear reader of this blog, more of a flavour of the bloke who calls himself Greg Marston – “hello to you!”…