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Observations, musings and rubbish from the mind of an IVO (International Voice Over)

February 8, 2021 11:01 am

Explainer Video Voiceover – SmartCharge

Every now and then, I’m offered the opportunity to stretch my vocal capabilities and deliver something other than a corporate, documentary, e-learning, or commercial narrative, such as I did for my client “Geotab” as the voice of both the “Smartcharge Homes” and “Wattson” characters in this amusing short presentation about EV (Electrical Vehicle) Charging.

It’s an online explainer used on Geotab’s website to show and inform people using EV Charging how it operates, what it’s benefits are, what works best for the consumer and so forth.

I took direction from the client regarding the fact that they wanted a kind of “Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson” type back-and-forth delivery, but modified it to fit the look of the animation, using a British RP accent, lowering the register for Wattson and making it lighter and thinner for Homes…